Dresses with Jackets Patterns

Zouave Set, c. 1860

Reg: Peterson's Magazine. Original house dress made of nankeen-colored foulard. The skirt has a narrow bias band around the bottom edged with white. The belt is pointed, braided and edged with white. Over the low body is worn a high white body of jaconet. 
Skill Level 1
 Incl. sizes 6-16.
$29 + $5 S&H

3-XL Generous Zouave Set
Incl. sizes 18-3X.
$32 + $6 S&H

Princess Alice, c. 1862

Peterson's Magazine. The jacket of black silk, edged with a quilling of the same, above which white silk covered with black lace is put on in an Arabesque pattern. A tucked waist and full sleeves are worn beneath the jacket. A purple and black silk version of this design was used for 'Rebel Rose' in Class of '61, a Spielberg made-for-TV movie.  Incl. sizes 6-16.
Skill Level 1

$28 + $5 S&H

Leslie's Dress, c. 1861

Frank Leslie's Monthly. Morning dress for the seaside, the original was made of Chambray. Pattern has zouave jacket, embroidered with braid, and with flowing embroidered sleeves. Vest buttons to throat. Skirt is gored, with same braid up sides. Undersleeves and ruffle around neck are of Nansook. Incl. sizes 6-16.
Skill Level 2

$27 + $5 S&H

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Ashton, c. 1862

Petersonís Magazine. Made of striped cloth for a tailored look. 2-piece dress, great for walking or sea side. Pointed, vest-like jacket front, finished with self piping. Matching tassels & covered buttons trim the cuffs & front hem.  Incl. sizes 6-16.
Skill Level 2
$26 + $6 S&H

3-XL Generous Ashton
Incl. sizes 18-3X.
$29 + $6 S&H



Pattern Skill Levels

Level 1

Easy for period patterns construction. Basic sewing knowledge needed.
Level 2 Moderate detail, for experienced seamstresses.
Level 3 More detail, expert seamstress/tailoring skills needed. For Level 2's who want to graduate to a new level.
Level 3+ Expert seamstress' & tailors: use all skills!

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