Men's Regency & Romantic 
Period Patterns


Trans-Mississippian Shirt, c. 1850

Original shirts were worn in central US by laborers on river boats. Yoked back with gathers for ease of movement.
Sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL

Skill Level 1
$18 + $7 S&H

Tail Coat, c. 1815-20

Wonderful in colors or black formal wear. Adapted from research data and the "M" notch version is in TCS Collection. Sizes 36-44+
Skill Level 3
$25 + $7 S&H

Yoked Work Shirt,
c. 1840-1890

Pattern from Ontario. Original pattern was drafted for Amistad in 1989. Sizes S-M-L
Skill Level 1
$16 + $5.50 S&H

Civilian Single 
Breasted Vest

This wedding vest, c. 1852, features a shawl collar and has a padded chest. Sizes 38-44
Skill Level 2
$17 + $7 S&H

Two Piece Drawers

Most commonly worn throughout the 19th Century. Made of light weight muslin for summer and domet flannel for winter. Size S-M-L
Skill Level 1
$21 + $7 S&H

Fall Front Trousers,
c. 1800-1855

Also from Ontario, these straight-legged trousers were made of hand-woven cotton. Original pattern was drafted for Amistad in 1989. Sizes S-M-L
Skill Level 2
$16 + $7 S&H

The Cromwell Coat w/Capelets,
c. 1790-1820

Double breasted Napoleonic coat, hanging to mid-calf length. Sleeves made without cuffs
and were long, often reaching to the knuckles. Capelets hang over shoulders.
Sizes 36-46
Skill Level 2
$26 + $7 S&H

Pattern Skill Levels

Level 1

Easy for period patterns construction. Basic sewing knowledge needed.
Level 2 Moderate detail, for experienced seamstresses.
Level 3 More detail, expert seamstress/tailoring skills needed. For Level 2's who want to graduate to a new level.
Level 3+ Expert seamstress' & tailors: use all skills!

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