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Issue # Content  Pages & Prints
Issue 1 Basic costume history & other information. First installment of original diary. 8 pages with illustrations & c. July 1861 color plate reprint.
Issues 2 & 3 
(Double Issue)
Hairstyles theme with departments: men's, ladies' & children. Receipts, decorating & needlework. 20 pages with illustrations & 2 color reprints: c. October 1866 & December 1860.
Issue 4 Valentine theme, 19th century accessories with departments: 
men's, ladies' & children. 
Receipts, decorating, needlework 
& "How-To Part I" Article.
24 pages with illustrations, engravings particular to theme. French La Mode 1860's color plate reprint.
Issue 5 Bridal theme, fashions, history of traditions, needlework and departments: men's, ladies' & children. "How-To Part II" Article. 27 pages with illustrations, B&W engravings particular to theme. 1 bridal color plate reprint c. October 1861.
Issue 6 Children's theme with fashions, games, crafts & receipts just for kids. Departments: men's and ladies'. "How-To Part III" Article. 28 pages with illustrations, B&W engravings particular to theme. 1 color plate reprint of children's costumes for masquerade party c. 1868.

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