Children's Victorian/Edwardian Patterns 

Girl's Dress with Apron, c. 1895

Taken from an original photograph of girl in Edwardian era. Flounce on dress overlaps the apron to protect the little girl during her daily activities. Dress can be worn with or without the apron. Size 10-12-14
Skill Level 1
$20 + $5 S&H

Boy's 2-Piece Set, c. 1899

Norfolk jacket of navy blue cloth. Belt around waist is fastened at the center of the front with a button. Trousers fall just below the knee and are made of the same cloth as the jacket.
Size 10-12-14
Skill Level 1
$20 + $5 S&H

Boy's Nautical Set, c. 1860-1880's
This pattern was drafted from an original "powder monkey" uniform in the Milwaukee Co. Public Museum. The uniform was made of cotton knit stockinette, a miniature replica of a man's naval uniform. The sailor's cravat was made of a natural colored linen or white cotton fabric.
Size 8-10-12-14-16
$20 + $5 S&H

Pattern Skill Levels

Level 1

Easy for period patterns construction. Basic sewing knowledge needed.
Level 2 Moderate detail, for experienced seamstresses.
Level 3 More detail, expert seamstress/tailoring skills needed. For Level 2's who want to graduate to a new level.
Level 3+ Expert seamstress' & tailors: use all skills!

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