Children's Civil War 
Era Patterns


Boy's 1860's 4-Button Shirt

Boy's version of the Men's military issue shirt from the Civil War era, it can be used to make a wonderful civilian shirt. One piece collar design. Use pleated front pattern piece to create a wonderful dress shirt!
Size 8-10, 12-14, 16+
Skill Level 1
$15 + $3.50 S&H

Boy's Blouse &
Knee Pants

Shirt pattern for young boy to make alternating rows of white cambric puffs. Knee-length trousers should be of nankeen or buff jean.
Size 6-8-10
Skill Level 2
$16 + $5 S&H

Tucked Shirt, Unisex

Worn without an over-jacket in very hot weather, and is usually made of linen or brilliante.
Size 4-6-8
Skill Level 2
$13 + $3.50 S&H

Infant Bootie

Excellent accessory to Christening Gown. Pattern reproduced from original in the Sojokaju Collection.
Size 0-6 months
Skill Level 1
$5 + $2.50 S&H


Christening Gown, 
c. 1859

Reproduced from original and referenced in Godey's Ladies Books. Elegant robe of cambric and embroidery Anglaise. Also great pattern for fancy dress outfit for the holidays. No well-to-do infant should be without one, and the perfect rpoject for the indulgent grandma.
Size 0-6 months

Skill Level 3
$13 + $4 S&H

Toddler Dress, Boy's and Girl's, c. 1865

Simple, easy-to-make toddler dress. The bottom of the girl's skirt, pockets, sleeves and the waist are all embroidered in a very beautiful pattern, either with chain-stitch or braiding. Pattern includes embroidery detail. Size 2-4-6
Skill Level 2
$13 + $3.50 S&H

Girl's Bodice with Skirt

From original bodice in Betty Hughes Collection (Michigan).
Size 4-6
Skill Level 1
$16 + $4 S&H

1860's Cloak Pattern.

Just like Mommy's 87-L scaled down in size to fit your daughter.

Girl's sizes: 8-10-12-14.
Skill Level 1
$17 + $4



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Pattern Skill Levels

Level 1

Easy for period patterns construction. Basic sewing knowledge needed.
Level 2 Moderate detail, for experienced seamstresses.
Level 3 More detail, expert seamstress/tailoring skills needed. For Level 2's who want to graduate to a new level.
Level 3+ Expert seamstress' & tailors: use all skills!

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