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Updated Production Process
Patterns marked with banner have been digitally remastered with all new directions and easy-to-follow diagrams.

Boy's Nautical Set, c. 1860-1880's
This pattern was drafted from an original "powder monkey" uniform in the Milwaukee Co. Public Museum. The uniform was made of cotton knit stockinette, a miniature replica of a man's naval uniform. The sailor's cravat was made of a natural colored linen or white cotton fabric.
Size 8-10-12-14-16
$20 + $5 S&H

Boy's Frock Coat

Use this pattern to make US or CSA scaled down boy’s versions of Men’s Single- or Double-Breasted Frock Coat 1-M or 2-M.
Size 8-10-12

Skill Level 2
$18 + $5 S&H

Boy's Shell Jacket

Boy’s version of men’s pattern 3-M. Richmond Depot jacket. Rounded front, 9 front buttons, Cavalry-style shell jacket.
Size 8-10-12

Skill Level 2
$16 + $5 S&H

Boy's and Girls' Paletot Coat,
c. 1860's

Boy’s coat of black velvet, bordered with plain silk. Double scarf of same material is thrown over the cloak and confined on shoulders with steel buckle. Girl’s coat has scalloped trimming of black velvet, forming a pointed yoke in front. Both have flowing sleeves, trimmed to correspond. Size 6-8-10
Skill Level 2
$21 + $5 S&H

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Teen Ballgown, c. 1863

Frank Leslie’s Magazine. Original made of white glacé silk, trimmed with black tulle and bright red ribbon velvet. Bodice has round bertha cut up on the shoulders and is ornamented by velvet bows. Sleeve is a simple puffing of silk. Full skirt with four puffings of black tulle at bottom. Tulle trims at bottom terminated by bows.
Size 10-12-14-16
Skill Level 3+
$25 + $5 S&H

Teen Boy's Set, 
c. 1863

Frank Leslie’s Magazine. Long pantaloons of light cloth, jacket of black cloth, with rows of braid down the front and sleeve turned back at the wrist trimmed to correspond. Vest is white, with narrow collar and cravat of white lace.
Size 10-12-14-16
Skill Level 3
$26 + $5 S&H

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Girl's Corset, c. 1860's

Pattern drafted from original in TCS collection. Original made of pale blue silk, lined w/cream glazed cotton. Both front & back lacing for more adjustment and growth. Boned at the seam, front and back closures with whale boning (use steel stays for today's version). Ages: 4-12. (Or until the young lady graduates to woman’s version).
Size S ~ M ~ L

Skill Level 2
$11 + $3.50 S&H

Girl's Chemise, c. 1859

Sacque chemise for a little girl. Can be made out of cotton lawn or fine linen. Use cotton broadcoth, or heavy-weight linens for solder weather. Partner with 16-K drawers for a matching set.
Size 6-8-10
Skill Level 1
$9 + $3.50 S&H

Children's Drawers, c. 1859

Two sizes of drawers for girls & boys. The opening in the pantalets is new for 1859! The narrow lines are pin tucks. May be made plain for boys.

Make these using cotton lawn or fine linen. Use cotton broadcloth,  heavy-weight linen, cotton or wool flannel for colder weather.

Partner with 15-K chemise for a matched set of underpinnings.

Select size desired when ordering.
Size 4-6-8   or   Size 6-8-10
Skill Level 1
$6 + $2.50 S&H

Girl's Spoon Bonnet

Little girl’s size version of Ladies’ hat 61-L. This bonnet’s brim rises in a sharp angle to the face, "creating a large gap between brim and head often to be filled in with flowers and high-pleached bowers of foliage," Hats, Fiona Clark.
Size Small
Skill Level 1
$8 + $3.50 S&H
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Pattern Skill Levels

Level 1

Easy for period patterns construction. Basic sewing knowledge needed.
Level 2 Moderate detail, for experienced seamstresses.
Level 3 More detail, expert seamstress/tailoring skills needed. For Level 2's who want to graduate to a new level.
Level 3+ Expert seamstress' & tailors: use all skills!

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